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Humans of phide



Bryan Ho

Ever since I was young, I've wondered, what the meaning of happiness was. Is it being able to earn a lot of money, having a family, or just feeling good all the time? There is no clear definition and I believe it can't really be measured. Often times, I look back into my past and ask myself, was I happy when I got that A on the final or was I happy when I was traveling in Hong Kong. I always found myself realizing that none of them made me happy.


Recently, I spoke deeply about this with my parents due to a family member's passing. "Happiness should not be looked at from the perspective of 'because you did this, and as a result you are happy,'" my Dad told me. He goes on to elaborate


that I shouldn't use an "event" as an origin of happiness, but look into myself to find happiness. "Be grateful." At first I didn't understand, but as I contemplate on being grateful, it started to make sense. This sense of appreciating what I have always taken for granted such as having food on the table, having a home to go back to, or not having to worry about healthcare should be happiness.


Every little thing that has in essence made my life more comfortable that I've taken for granted should be providing me with happiness if I become more grateful for them. As a result, I try harder everyday in this society, where success is labeled by how many zeros are after the first digit in the bank account, to appreciate and enjoy the little things.

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