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A collection of thoughts from our members


Being involved in music in some way runs in my family. I have relatives who’ve had careers as professional artists, and my brother is currently studying music in college. But, I’d say my relationship with music is different from theirs. Growing up with people who value music as highly as I do has made me love music in my own ways, and my family’s influence has allowed me to find new interests.

My definition of music is sound that blocks me out from the real world. My first major experience with the power of music was during swim practice. When I wanted to stop or slow down, I’d focus on the sound of the water rushing past my ears. Something about the sound of the wave I made calmed my mind and breath down, and I found myself wanting to go back to the pool even more to experience this sense of peace.

I then decided to try an indoor cycling class after hearing about the concept of riding to the rhythm of the music. I initially had doubts and thought it would be extremely boring. During class, when I thought I could not pedal any faster from being so tired, I paid close attention to the music and the driving beat surprisingly kept me going. I was very determined to stay on the beat.

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