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A collection of thoughts from our members

Looking Back

Honestly, going from a member to Secretary and Risk Management to President, being a big and being in a fam, talking to people on so many one-on-one’s, I’ve just met so many people. The one thing I always want to tell people, because I feel like they don’t hear it enough, is that no matter where you are in life or how you feel, however unmotivated you are, how much you feel like everyone else is better than you, you’re better off just shaking that feeling off. Every single person that I’ve met has inspired me to be a better person no matter age, where they come from, grade level. Everyone has their own story and their own experiences. There is always a uniqueness to each individual person. I feel like since we’re supposed to be these cookie-cutter pre-med students, people lose that and forget that we’re supposed to be our own people. That’s why I love PhiDE. When you get to know so many people, you learn so many crazy things about them. Maybe they like photography or bouldering or going on crazy adventures or just staying home and watching shows. Each person just has so much knowledge about so many things and so much passion, you can just see it when you talk to them. I would tell people to just never forget that you are special and that you are unique and that there’s a reason why we’re all here going on this pre-med journey together. Don’t ever feel like you have to be compared to someone else because you’re so great just by yourself.

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