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Humans of phide

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Vanvan Nguyen 

I believe that happiness is ever-changing. For a long time, my favorite quote about happiness was always: “happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting what we want, but rather of appreciating what we have.” While this still holds true, I think your definition of happiness changes depending on what you need in the present moment. As students, we may need good grades in order to be happy. Years from now, we may need a stable job and a family to be happy. How do we define what happiness is and when does it change? I think you can truly come up with your definition of happiness when you have experienced a period of being lost; because let’s face it, who’s happy when they don’t know where they’re doing or where they’re going? While in that moment when all seems hopeless and when it seems that life is beating you at your own game, there comes the moment when it all ends – the moment you realize what you need to be happy again. At the end of these past few weeks, during which I parted with a loved one and constantly worried about life after graduation, my definition of happiness has changed. To be happy in the present, I need to accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be. I will move on from the past, accept the present, and hope that everything will work out in the end. Whenever you feel lost, ask yourself what you need to be happy again, and go do it; after all we've been through, we deserve to be happy.

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